JS 120 - Object Oriented Programming with JavaScript

I passed the JS129 interview last Tuesday, September 1, 2020. This time, the interview was a bit harder to pass compering to the written assessment for the course.

The learning of the course and prep for the assessments went way smoother compering to JS 109. The Object-Oriented programming concepts were hard to comprehend at first. Also, JavaScript specifics in regards to OOP added some obstacles on the way. But the “how-to-learn” skills gained in Launch School helped to finish the course way faster.

How much time it took

I started learning JS 120 on July 13 and passed the interview assessment on September 1, 2020. That is 7 weeks of learning for around 20 hrs / week.

Below is the bar chart with exact time I spent on the course itself, as well as preparations and taking the assessments: launch-school-js120-course-time-tracking-naida-dmytro


Munich, Germany